[No More Right to Protest] the United States is Changing…..

Congress Works together – [no protest allowed] Bill!

No more right to protest in the US

No more right to protest in the US

What??? Really??? Almost unanimous vote!!! Yes it is true HR 347 HR 347 ‘Trespass Bill’ Criminalizes Protest!

No more right to protest allowed in the United States of America?

Here is a link to the Official Congress site so you can read the complete bill!


This is what Lee Camp has to say on the subject:

It really I time to start uniting and taking action against the derogation of freedoms in the county! I have been to many rally’s and protest to show my support of various topics. The problem is, other than loosing the right to organize because of having no more right to protest, people are motivated and fired up at rally’s then go home and take No Action!

What kind of action can we take to stop loosing our right to Organize and Protest a cause in this country?

What did this magical universally-loved bill say? Well some are calling it the anti-Occupy law and it allows the government to bring charges against Americans involved in many kinds of political protest at any location the secret service, quote, “is or will be temporarily visiting.” So basically if the government wants to shut down a protest, they just send a secret service officer down there to scratch his balls, and then they can start putting people in jail for a year or more.

No more right to Protest in the United States!

I guess that little part in the constitution that states something like this, “Congress shall make no law . . . abridging the freedom of speech . . . or the right of the people peaceably to assemble.”  is just forgotten about. After all, all the protesters are such an embarrassment to the city officials and members of corporations and congress. They can use Slander a Libel all day long in their campaigns, but as soon as a Citizen says something offensive to them another law is passed taking away more of our freedoms! No more right to protest is taking it too far!


Stop them Criminals!!! No Protesting Allowed!


Here is a good video explaining this no more right to protest bill:

 Really is unbelievable how well congress can get together when it’s to take away our right that can be an inconvenience to them!



This is another opinion on the bill by 

Just this past year the President who campaigned on ‘hope’ and ‘change’–announced some galling changes — with Congress (for the most part) rubber stamping each and every death blow to the Bill of Rights. President Obama has claimed the right to declare anyone a ‘terrorist’ or ‘terrorist sympathizer’ based on nothing more than presidential opinion, and order their assassination. No evidence is required — at least that the public can see. We are told to blissfully ‘trust’ our public officials even when they are unworthy of such trust. Now our right to protest, to be disruptive — has been criminalized as a federal felony.

[no protest allowed]

What can I do to Take Action Against losing our right to Protest?


I have been to many protest and demonstrations for various causes and one of the problems is…..

Everyone is all fired up on the day of the event, but the majority of folks go home and take no further action!!!  Having no more right to protest is just a beginning…….How can we fix this problem?

There are Three Simple Steps to affecting change in the US!

1) Get the message of your cause out! And do it on a daily basis, not just on days of rally’s.

2) Give people actions to take! Making calls, organizing, whatever it takes! All these calls are documented, they will be looked at!

3) Tell Others! This whole “No talking of religion or politics at the dinner table” Crap needs to end!!! How much more communist do you want to be if you cannot even talk to your friends, family, and loved ones about issues and causes. The TRICK is……Keep focused on the Solution to these issues, don’t fall for the trick of fighting of the differences in opinions.



Well how can I get the message out daily you ask?



Get a Blog and write about what your passionate about every day!

I know….you don’t know the first thing about blogging and are not that great with computers…..

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When you try something different from what you are doing now……the outcome of your actions have a much better chance of being different then what you have today…..so as you sit there realizing that that makes all the reason in the world….take some action today…..by taking daily action…..to affect real change in the world…..by blogging daily to share your message….by singing up today!

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Carl Kmiec

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